Financial Criminal Law

„The strongest bond with a client is formed in a financial criminal case.”

A financial criminal case often decides the life of a person and their family. Everything is at stake.


Our law firm specialises in very complex and difficult cases in financial criminal law. Financial criminal proceedings require close and good cooperation between client and lawyer. In this critical life situation, a client needs full support: The family and social position are affected, the media and the press are at the door. Professional sovereignty in financial criminal law, communication skills as well as empathy and sensitivity give our clients the security they need in this crisis.


With our proven tax expertise in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg, we record and analyse facts quickly and comprehensively: We evaluate tax structuring, international aspects and the handling of international agreements. If necessary, we call in other international tax experts and quickly get an initial assessment. On this basis, we develop a strategy with our clients in order to reach a quick and efficient solution in a cooperative manner.


In financial criminal law, criminal law and economic and tax law know-how go hand in hand and are mutually dependent. Therefore, the preparation of the economic background is of crucial importance for a good defence.

Our activities include the defence against criminal prosecution, asset protection, data protection and the rapid recovery of possible damages.

In addition, we support our clients in the creation of safeguarding structures in companies. The commission of criminal offences, even if only negligently, can thus be avoided. Given the current development of legislation – and especially of case law – such measures make sense and prevent proceedings. In matters of corporate criminal law, we represent companies or their executive bodies with great care and diligence.

In addition, we work with our clients to create protective structures for their companies in order to avoid criminal offences from the outset. With the current development of legislation – and case law – such precautions pay off several times over.

Specifically, we provide support in setting up our own compliance departments and offer ongoing assistance with legal prevention issues.

Our services

  • Accompaniment during initiation of a tax audit
  • Support in the context of a voluntary declaration or subsequent declaration
  • Risk analysis and risk prevention
  • Advice in financial criminal law matters
  • Representation and defence in financial and economic criminal proceedings
  • Issues of criminal law and corporate law
  • Financial criminal law and tax issues
  • Insolvencies
  • Corporate criminal law cases
  • Civil and criminal liability issues
  • Conduct vis-à-vis investigative and competition authorities
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