“Fiscal criminal law is my passion“

For many people, fiscal criminal law sounds unsettling, and in some cases, threatening. For me, fiscal criminal law is familiar territory and a field in which I enjoy working and feel confident and comfortable.

There can be several reasons why people come into conflict with the law due to their financial management. I discuss the possible strategies together with my clients and determine a solution together with them. I maintain active, respectful and cooperative dealings with authorities in the interests of achieving a positive solution for my clients. In this respect, I attribute importance to providing an effective and successful service to my clients.
I am repeatedly fascinated by the interesting people I meet in my work. The trust they place in my knowledge and ability to get things done fills me with pride and joy.

Sylvia Freygner

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

Dr. Sylvia Freygner

Dr. Sylvia Freygner, LL.M. has been a licensed attorney in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland since 2007. She is an expert in European competition law and international tax law. For more than ten years, she has been specializing in trademark law, vertical distribution channels, concession and license models. Another of her focal points is the tax arrangements regarding assets, companies and international license systems. She currently works as a lecturer on the masters course in International Tax Law at the University of Vaduz.
As a certified expert in fiscal criminal law, she provides people with professional and empathetic support in sophisticated and challenging fiscal criminal cases.

In the background

For five years, she led an independent research institute in Vienna which addresses topics surrounding European competition: liberalization and privatization of state services.
With the first Public Social Responsibility Institute for government services in Europe, she initiated a new school of thought in the field of European business law, competition law and procurement law. The Public Social Responsibility Charta and the Public Social Responsibility Code provided the impetus for a European dialogue with stakeholders. She now supports the Committee of the Centre of Excellence for the Public Economy, Infrastructure and Public Service e. V. at the University of Leipzig.
In 2017, she completed the Course on Strategic Leadership held by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.

“We do what we can. And we do it well.”

The law firm

In 2007, Dr. Sylvia Freygner founded FREYGNER ADVOCATUR in the heart of Vienna. She continues to work as an independent attorney, and personally intervenes on behalf of her clients’ concerns.

The focus of her law firm is on international and cross-border tax law, focusing on intellectual property and European competition law as well as international company law. In the field of fiscal criminal law, FREYGNER ADVOCATUR has succeeded in making a name for itself in leading and internationally recognized cases.

Its locations in Feldkirch, Stans, Vaduz, Zürich and Vienna reflect the international orientation of the law firm. Dr. Sylvia Freygner is supported by seven members of staff as well as a wide-ranging network of experts.

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